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For patients who do not meet criteria to require an Air Ambulance, our fully licensed and transport-experienced doctors, nurses and paramedics can ensure a safe journey, no matter the destination.

To qualify for a "commercial medical escort" level of care, the patient must be able to sit in a seat and ambulance very short distances with assistance (i.e. from wheelchair to seat). Our clinical coordinators will evaluate each case to ensure that transport will not pose any unnecessary risks to the patient.

Once approved, our 24/7 communications center will assist with all planning and logistics of the mission to include arranging airfare,  ground transportation, hotels and all airline clearances as necessary. 

The escort clinician(s) will then travel to the patient's location equipped to provide the necessary patient care including, but not limited to; blood pressure/glucose monitoring, oral and IV medications and oxygen therapy via portable oxygen concentrator.  These are handled in advance of travel to ensure a stress-free travel experience all the way to the destination.


  • Can be a cost-effective alternative to Air Ambulance

  • More direct routing/fewer stops en-route

  • First/Business class seating standard

  • Peace of mind traveling with a medical professional

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