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Do I need an Air Ambulance?

  • Our team of clinical and communications staff will help you decide the most appropriate level of service for transport based on a variety of factors.

What type of medical personnel are onboard the Air Ambulance?

  • Each transport is evaluated independently to ensure there is an appropriate level of care, our standard transport configuration consists of one Critical Care RN and one Critical Care Paramedic equipped with a full complement of critical care transport equipment.

Can a family member travel with the patient?

  • Yes, in most cases at least one family member can accompany the patient.

Can you bill my insurance?

  • Our communications center staff will gladly verify transport benefits and eligibility for you at no additional cost.

Do you offer other transport services besides private air ambulance?

  • Yes! Other transport services range from commercial medical escort and private VIP medical charters, and other custom tailored solutions built around the specific care needs of the patient. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our communications center at any time for more information or to discuss your unique transport and care needs.
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